Il ristorante Pizzeria Fashion Bar 2 Laghi ti aspetta! Vieni a gustare le nostre specialitá: Pesce di mare e di lago, pizze e prodotti tipici. Vuoi organizzare un evento? Ampio giardino a disposizione per la stagione estiva. Ristorante fashion bar 2 laghi fashionbar castel toblino ristorante trento trentino padergnone ristoranti trento Ristorante pizzeria trento trentino ristorante 2 laghi padergnone fashion bar trento. Pizzeria trento pizza giovane trentino pizza castel toblino valle dei laghi. pizzeria ristorante cavedine con prodotti tipici trentini trento pizza trentino pizza. Pizzeria ristorante trento trentino e lago di toblino voglia di pizza e di ristorante pizzeria fashion bar 2 laghi pizza. Trento pizza? perché no trento pizza cavedine pizza lago toblino val dei laghi garda pizza. Gardasee pizza und pizzeria garda lake of lake of garda pizza and restaurant with pizza. Pesce di lago pesce di mare e pizza ristorante trentino toblino trento pizza. fashion 2 laghi bar pizza pizzeria 2 laghi padergnone pizza giovane pizza trentino trento ristorante trento bar tabacchi pizzeria festa di trento e della pizza bar 2 laghi pizza festa. trento pizza pizzeria ristorante lago di toblino pizzeria ristorante trento padergnone pizza giovane trento padergnone valle dei laghi cavedine toblino pizza
  • Welcome on our website

    Ristorante pizzeria 2 laghi

  • Fanciful pizzas

    Try our amazing pizzas and the new Pizza Giovane recipe!

  • Sea and lake fish

    Taste our best fish dishes

  • Theme dinner

    And party events on request

What you find

cucina-tradizionale-iconaTraditional food

The Restaurant Pizzeria 2 Laghi offers a great variety of typical traditional dishes from Trentino. We favour a close connection between nature and its products.

pesce-di-mare-e-di-lagoSea and lake fish

Our restaurant proposes to try our simply fabulous sea and lake fish dishes. You will have the opportunity to taste them, by going though their flavor and freshness.

pizze-goloseFanciful pizzas

Of course we offer you the typical Italian dish as well, pizza. We make extravagant savoury pizzas, which are made with fresh and healthy products on a light and exquisite dough.

prodotti-tipiciTypical products sale

We aim to represent the tradition of Trentino and Italy as well. In order to offer you the best service, we make sure of the products’ freshness and quality.

vin-santo-docVino santo DOC

If you like wine you should try and taste our Trentino Vino Santo DOC. It is a white wine, which is pleasantly sweet and likeable… the best choice to match with your dishes.

cene-a-temaTheme dinner on request…

If you are interested in spending a good time with your family or your best friends, we propose you our great theme dinner.

The local

Our restaurant is situated near Toblino Lake, in the province of Trento. There is a wide car park, an outdoors terrace, a big garden endowed with a swimming-pool, which you can enjoy during hot summer days. In addition, two big dining halls, a lounge bar at your disposal for happy hours and after-dinner-cocktails. It is possible for you to make a reservation for special events by contacting us.

delicious food & great entertainment

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Taste and tradition

Pizza Giovane

Taste and lightness

The incredible properties and ingredients of the PizzaGiovane® recipe make the pizza more tasty and suitable for everyone.

The numerous properties of the mixture PizzaGiovane® are based on a special blend of patented ingredients. Integralbianco® flour, source of soluble fiber. Extracts of olive and the skins of red grapes that have greater bioavailability of polyphenols. Khorasan wheat, spelled spelled and oats, natural sources of selenium. Wheat germ and flax flour golden, rich in Omega 3 plant (Alpha Linolenic Acid).

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